Third Grade » Grading Procedures

Grading Procedures

Students will receive "letter" grades in third grade, based on a 10 point scale.
All subjects will have Major and Minor assignments. Major grades count 60%, and Minor grades count 40% towards the final grade in each quarter. All 4 quarters are averaged together at the end of the school year for a final grade.
If your child made "3's" in second grade, it doesn't necessarily equate to A's in third grade. Basically, a 3 in second grade meant the student was meeting expectations, which could be anywhere in the A-C "letter" grade range.
Third Grade Scale:
A=90-100 (A's are for Well-Above Average work)
B=80-89   (B's are for Above Average work)
C=70-79   (C's are for Average work)
D=60-69   (D's are for Below Average work)
F=50-59    (F's are for Well-Below Average work, and is considered failing)