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Google Classroom

Ever wish you could know more about what’s happening in the classroom?  We are currently using a program that allows us to share the work we are doing with home much more easily.

It’s called Google Classroom. It’s accessible from any computer with internet access. Your child knows how to sign in with their email address and their password.

In Google Classroom, I can assign work to the students digitally, without paper. They can do it from school (or home, if they don’t quite finish something). They can submit it to me online, and I can pass it back to them with comments, edits, suggestions, and/or grades.

As a parent, you can log in and see what assignments have been sent to your child, videos on what they are learning, homework assignments and more!  Not everything we do will be in google classroom.  But at least some of what we do in class you would be able to see and get a sense of what’s happening in the classroom.

I can also put up reminders for the students of upcoming events/ projects. And you could see those too.

So far, we are just getting used to using this, but I am already amazed at how it helps the students keep up with assignments, watch videos, and complete assignments all on their own.  

If you are interested in checking it out, you are welcome to do so. You can join the learning curve that the students and I are currently on.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.