Beginning A/B Day Information

Brier Creek Families,
We are excited to be able to see our A day B day students back beginning September 14th!
Please make sure you return a Symptom Screening Form with your child to school on his or her A or B day. If they are a bus rider, this completed form will need to be given to the monitor that will be on the bus. I will provide a copy of the form for you to print if you have the ability to do so. We will also have the form here at school available for you to pick up. If your child is a car rider they will still need to provide a copy of this completed form to the person who greets you in the parking lot to take their temperature before entering the building. Please feel free to come by the school today or tomorrow to pick up the form if you are unable to print one.  You may also complete the form online through the link below. This form is required to be completed by all bus and car riders.
Here are some reminders for the first week of A/B days for our students:
1. Please make sure they arrive at school on time. Our building will be open by 7:20. Please make sure your student is here on time and ready to begin class at 7:50.
2. Make sure they bring their charged device with them to school.
3. Please sign up for school fees online and make sure to pay for the $7.00 school fee and the $35.00 technology fee. These are due at this time if you have not already paid them.
4. Please remember that the three days your child is not at school they will be working remotely from home. Help us to ensure they are keeping up with work and held accountable for completing it on those days as well.
5. Lunches for A/B day students will be sent home on Tuesdays and Fridays for the days they will not be at school.
6. Make sure that your student wears their mask daily and brings a filled water bottle to school. Be reminded, we will be taking their temperature daily.
Have a great day! Remember, we are in this together!
Dr. Charles, Principal