Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

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Students will be permitted to enter the building beginning at 7:30. All car riders must be dropped off at the front of the building near the patio area. Only the front entrance doors will be unlocked for entrance into the building. Bus riders will enter from the back of the school.

All students who arrive before 7:55 will be supervised in the following areas:

Kindergarten: Designated Kindergarten room (rotates every 12 weeks)
1st and 2nd Grades: Media Center
3rd Grade: Gym
4th/5th Grade: 4th and 5th Grade Classrooms

Any student wanting to eat breakfast will have the opportunity.

Students will be dismissed to class at 7:55. Please do not leave your children on campus before 7:30. No student supervision will be available before 7:30. Any student who arrives after 8:05 will be counted as tardy and must check in with the office before reporting to class.

In an effort to protect instructional time, we ask that all visitors drop their student off at the compass so that they can begin their day. Please schedule a parent/teacher conference with your child’s teacher if you need additional time to meet. This will allow privacy and time to meet about any concerns. Parents will only be allowed to walk students to class during the first two weeks of school. After the first two weeks, students should be independent enough to walk by themselves to the classroom.

The school day ends for students at 2:30. We ask that students not be picked up after 2:15 unless it is an emergency.  The office is a very busy place and picking students up at the end of the day creates confusion and a safety issue.  Students need to be in school all day, every day, except in cases of sickness or emergency situations.  Students cannot be picked up in the lobby. This creates a dangerous supervision issue. We ask that you follow the policy of car riders.

Please follow these guidelines for early dismissal:

  • Report to the office (not the classroom)
  • The office will send for your child(ren) after your arrival. Please do not call and ask for your child to be in the office prior to your arrival.
  • Sign the student out of school and state the reason on the form provided in the office. This is for the safety and protection of your child(ren) should they need to be located at a later time. This ensures that children only leave school with properly designated persons. Please be prepared to show ID when picking up a child.
  • If your child leaves before 11:15, he/she will be marked absent.

Due to safety concerns, we will not accept transportation changes over the telephone. All requests must be in writing. If you would like to email your request, please email . Please follow your email with a call to the office to make sure that the request was received. Please do not assume that the email was

Car Riders:
Please remain in your vehicle as you wait for your children. In order to pick up your children, you must display your assigned Car Rider Tag in your car window. Two will be provided for you at the beginning of the school year. If you need additional tags, please request one from your child’s teacher.

We encourage you to use the Car or Bus Rider option if at all possible. If you prefer to walk up to obtain your child(ren), you will wait IN YOUR CAR.   All walker parents will be given a tag number that will need to be shown or student assigned number given in order to obtain their child(ren). Staff members on duty will call the numbers for students to come forward to leave. All walker parents must park in the visitor parking lot and walk over to pick up their child(ren) AT THE FRONT OFFICE AFTER THE CAR RIDER LINE HAS COMPLETED. Please make sure that your children are supervised and that you are with them the entire time on the sidewalk and in the parking lot. Students should not be allowed to run or play in front of the school during dismissal.

School begins promptly at 8:00 a.m., meaning that the students should be in class at this time. If your child desires to eat breakfast, please make sure they are here in time to make it to class by 8:00. The tardy bell rings at 8:05 to allow students who were in traffic at the school to get to class on time. If your child arrives late and is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings, he/she must report to the office immediately and receive a tardy slip. It is not good practice to be tardy for school. This causes inconveniences in the day’s routine, and your child begins the day already behind. When tardy, students are FULLY responsible for any work missed. In addition, this establishes poor habits for life and the work world. Tardy letters will be sent to parents at intervals throughout the year, if this becomes a problem.